National Farmers for Rural Organic Agriculture Mission (NFFOROAM)

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Message from General Secretary:

India- The greatest democracy of the world, incorporated with various diversities in itself, whether it is cultural, conventional, conversational, racial or biodiversities boosting the Indian economy with an ace-role. It is a universal and proved fact that presently biodiversities are playing a vital role in strengthening our economy.  Under the biodiversity if we take agro biodiversity, we can apparently say that the present form of Indian agriculture is unable to provide the healthy food throughout the country-unlike that when a great part of en masse was knocking at the door of starvation before green revolution. The first priority before the then policy makers was to give relief, that is why they adopted dangerous chemicals in forwarding the green revolution without knowing its dark aspects in the form of far reaching consequences. As a result these chemicals have put an interrogation mark before the conservation of biodiversities and availability of healthy food.

In the present context, it is essential that some positive steps should be taken for food and economical security of the small and marginal farmers by sustaining agro-biodiversity. On breaking the chemical monopoly of so called annihilators of the ideal diversities of Indian sub-continent i.e. the industrialists and businessmen, it is necessary to firm the farmers’ livelihood along with the long term household food security by bringing together myriads experts, trade-associates, farmers, NGOs & media people on same stage, adjacent to practical as well theoretical aspects of agriculture related to low external input.

Today, NF-FOROAM defines the same on National level and feels at the same time that there are some people who wants to come forward and do something for the promotion of eco-friendly agriculture but in the absence of proper strategy and action plan getting themselves helpless. Keeping this aspect in mind, NFFOROAM has cordially invited participation of various stakeholders in the Mahayagya of Organic revolution in the country. In such a condition it is a contemporary fact that techniques filled with traditional and rectified methods should be synthesized and mentioned on the mental screen of Indian farmers, which may be able to sustain their food and economical security by conserving various facets of agro-biodiversity.

Dr. Promila Sharma

Professor & Head, College of Home Science

G.B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pant Nagar

General Secretary


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