National Farmers for Rural Organic Agriculture Mission (NFFOROAM)

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1.1- To organize the farmers’ assemblies, fairs, symposia, workshop, training, field visits, exposure tours for orientation of organic farming.
1.2- To organize seminars, workshops, exposure tours and field visits to voluntary organisations on time to time for the subject related knowledge.
1.3 To train NGOs on LEISA package.
1.4- To prepare the organic farming course material for NGOs with the help of experts of NF-FOROAM belonging to Training and Education sub-group.
1.5- To prepare correspondence and summer training courses on organic agriculture through joint certification with agricultural universities/Institutes.
1.6- To organize various activities like essay writing, poster & paper presentation for learning approaches.
1.7- To integrate with various National and International Institutions using their knowledge & resources.
1.8- To establish LEISA Park in each agricultural zone.
1.9- Awareness & Training to NGOs and farmers to promote medicinal plant cultivation, organically.
1.10- Awareness & Training to NGOs and Farmers to promote cultivation of aromatic plants, organically.
1.11- To organize training program, at grass root level.
1.12- Formation of Farmers’ Interest Groups (FIG).


Thrust Areas


  1. Capacity building of NGOs, Farmers and students.
  2. Policy, Advocacy and Networking
  3. Organic Standard’s
  4. Certification of organically Farmed products
  5. Marketing of organically Farmed products
  6. Marketing of Organically farmed food grains, vegetables, fruits, spices, medicinal and aromatic plants.

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