National Farmers for Rural Organic Agriculture Mission (NFFOROAM)

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Vision & Mission

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Strengthening of Organic Agriculture practices throughout the country for the security of healthy & nutritional food & economy of the farmers by using their own renewable resources.


To ensure the healthy food to the whole en masse and to provide the ultimate relief to the poorest from the starvation on the one hand. And on the other, the farmer’s vision and modus operendi for the organic farming on low external input would be symbolical personification of healthy soil, healthy grain, healthy environment self-dependence towards the forthcoming generations.


Fervent endeavours for sowing the seeds of organic agriculture in mental womb of all the stakeholders i.e. farmers, NGOs, Agricultural scientists & Policy makers etc. in each territory of Indian subcontinent.


NF-FOROAM is a special campaign as it ensures the peaceful relations between the earth and species living on it. It does not strengthen the solitude between the environment and us on the pattern of industrial agriculture. This organic movement is an ideal joint form of all the species and people. Apropos, it is a democratic movement because it has wrapped the entire entities on the earth instead of being on human beings.

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1.1- To organize the farmers' assemblies, fairs, symposia, workshop, training, fiel...

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