National Farmers for Rural Organic Agriculture Mission (NFFOROAM)

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About the National Farmers for Rural Organic Agriculture Mission (NFFOROAM)

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About the National Farmers for Rural Organic Agriculture Mission (NFFOROAM)

NFFOROAM is the nationwide network to promote organic agriculture in the country, associating more than 500 member organizations in 22 states in India.
In the present context, organic farming is a rapidly growing reality all over the world. The growth rates of the organic revolution demonstrate that organic products are moving towards mainstream markets. It is an established fact that the total land under certified organic production worldwide has reached over 26 Million hectares.
Interstate Relationships
NFFOROAM has better relationship and coordination with agriculture universities and research institutions in the country. NFFOROAM involves its member organizations in disseminating technologies in association with universities and institutions. Apart from it, NFFOROAOM directly guides the farmers of the country through its zonal existence. The introduction of organic agriculture and recognition of NFFOROAM by agriculture universities and research institutions is a matter of enormous importance for the furtherance of the organic agriculture.

Networks and Market Facilitation by NFFOROAM

NFFOROAM promotes the NGOs, CBOs, Individuals and growers’ associations working for organic agriculture in the country. It plays vital role to associate progressive farmers with local agriculture universities and research institutions. NFFOROAM has branded its organically farmed produces as “Rishi-Krishi” to enter in organic markets nationwide.

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